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Rock Im Park 2009/06/06 Setlist

The performance on June 6th, 2009 took place at Rock Im Park in Nürnberg, Germany.
* Vocals: Marilyn Manson
* Guitar: Twiggy
* Bass: Andy Gerold
* Keyboards: Chris Vrenna
* Drums: Ginger Fish

1. Intro
2. "Four Rusted Horses" (Opening Titles Version)
3. "Pretty as a Swastika"
4. "Disposable Teens"
5. "Leave a Scar"
6. "Great Big White World"
7. "The Dope Show"
8. "WOW"
9. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"/"Rock 'n' Roll Nigger"
10. "Rock Is Dead"
11. "The Beautiful People"
plus "Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon"

Rock Am Ring 2009/06/05 Setlist

The performance on June 5th, 2009 took place at Rock Am Ring in Nürburgring, Germany
* Vocals: Marilyn Manson
* Guitar: Twiggy
* Bass: Andy Gerold
* Keyboards: Chris Vrenna
* Drums: Ginger Fish

1. Intro
2. "Four Rusted Horses" (Opening Titles Version)
3. "Pretty as a Swastika"
4. "Leave a Scar"
5. "Disposable Teens"
6. "Irresponsible Hate Anthem"
7. "Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon"
8. "Great Big White World"
9. "The Dope Show"
10. "WOW"
11. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"/"Rock 'n' Roll Nigger"
12. "The Beautiful People"

Marilyn Manson Q&A with The Guardian

Marilyn Manson, 40, was born Brian Warner in Ohio. In 1989 he formed the band Marilyn Manson And The Spooky Kids. His lyrics and lifestyle have attracted a cult following and led to him being banned from performing in some US states. His new album, The High End Of Low, is out now.

When were you happiest?

About 15 minutes ago: I'm on medication and it's starting to wear off.

What is your greatest fear?

Fear is something I instil in other people, mostly young girls.

What is your earliest memory?

When I was seven or eight, I was playing with my Scooby-Doo and Daphne toys, and had a strange feeling. It was my first sexual arousal. Now I feel that all girls with red hair are of the devil.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

My shyness.

What is the trait you most deplore in others?

Fear of commitment.

Other than a property, what's the most expensive thing you've bought?

An engagement ring for Dita Von Teese. I didn't get a refund.

What is your most treasured possession?

Either Hitler's coat hanger or my bedroom walls, because I've written all my lyrics on them.

What makes you unhappy?

Not being in control of my life.

What do you most dislike about your appearance?

That it causes so many girls to cry.

What is your favourite smell?


What is your favourite word?


What do you owe your parents?

I support my parents, so I think I owe them only an apology for being me.

What is your most unappealing habit?

Being very affectionate and attached to people, and not having enough time to spend with them.

What is your favourite book?

The Bible, because it causes me a lot of trouble. I memorised it as a child, and I've also burned it and stuck pages of it in terrible places.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Unfortunately, what has been the downfall of all relationships is that the love of my life is what I do.

What has been your biggest disappointment?

My last three relationships.

If you could edit your past, what would you change?

My underwear.

When did you last cry?

I shed a tear snorting a mysterious white powder someone gave me.

How do you relax?

Lying in bed with my cat on my chest and watching movies.

What is the closest you've come to death?

I've never had necrophilia.

What single thing would improve the quality of your life?

A brain transplant.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I wish I could say record sales or awards but, since I've been blamed - unjustly - for so many acts of violence in high schools, I'm going to have to go with the death toll.

What keeps you awake at night?

The fear that someone next to me is judging me while I'm sleeping.

How would you like to be remembered?

As long as I am remembered, that's sufficient for me.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

Never go ass to mouth.

The Daily Mirror Interviews Marilyn Manson

Interview With Marilyn Manson: Oddball Rocker Is Stirring Up Trouble
By Gavin Martin on Jun 5

In a hotel suite overlooking London's exclusive Park Lane, Marilyn Manson is making merry.

He has a long-legged, hot pant-clad admirer in attendance and a selection of highly intoxicating cocktails for company.

In the lobby, journalists being kept waiting to meet him are getting ever more annoyed.

Even so, a female writer who is eventually admitted to his inner sanctum claims he was very welcoming.

Three hours after our scheduled interview time, Manson appears in reception, a towering figure in biker boots with a heavily made-up face leering and grinning under a zipped-up hoodie.

"Are you sure you want to ride in the car?" he says, while swigging from a glass containing a strange luminous rust-coloured drink.

"It could be very dangerous."

I throw caution to the wind and, after MM has posed for a photo with some fans outside on the pavement, we're soon driving across London.

His latest album The High End Of Low finds Manson hauling over the ashes of relationships with young actress Evan Rachel Wood and ex-wife Dita Von Teese.

When I ask him if he's heartbroken over these relationships he just looks at me and says, "No - wallet broken."

Originally a journalist known to his mum as Brian Warner, he has sold 44 million albums since emerging from South Florida in the early 90s and rechristening himself Marilyn Manson.

Apart from his musical persona, Manson has written a highly entertaining autobiography and raked in cash from his sidelines as an artist and actor.

"I'm acting right now," he smirks. "Acting an asshole.

"Everything is acting. The new record is very centred around movies. I say on it, 'I want to kill you like they do in the movies'.

"Am I directing, acting or watching? Who cares. The point is that life for me is not going to be the way it is for everyone else. I have a fog machine and movie lights in my bedroom."

Despite the shock horror persona, Brian is a dutiful son to his parents, and his father can sometimes be found signing female fans' breasts at Manson shows.

"My dad loves what I do and I support my parents financially because they didn't have a job that gave them a pension," he says.

"It's a pretty good relationship, although it's hard to understand how to relate to your parents.

"I did pay for a lap dance for my father once, at the Crazy Horse bar in Fort Lauderdale. But I had to look away. I averted my gaze."

When did you last cry?

"About two hours ago Steve [his tour manager] wouldn't get me any drugs.

My eyes watered. Then he asks me if I am OK! It's ridiculous. It should be, 'Here's the mirror - and now are you OK?"

Manson's alcohol intake seems to be making up for the drug void. He reportedly breakfasts on absinthe, so is he an alcoholic?

"Not according to the statistics that I read," he answers. "I went to one AA meeting and I got asked for an autograph. I got p***** off.

I think you should be able to go in there wearing a mask and say I'm an alcoholic, I'm anonymous. That's a real alcoholic.

"They told me that the definition of an alcoholic is someone who drinks, screws up their life and knows it, but continues doing it. Well I screwed up my life up before I drank!"

The car slows in traffic and two striking Italian girls and a bloke go by.

Manson winds down the window to make some crude gestures at them.

In return, the guy almost manages to throw his lit cigarette right through the car window.

Manson finds it hilarious and the passers-by do too.

There's no doubt he's a real entertainer.

Marilyn Manson plays the Download Festival at Castle Donington on June 13

Source: The Daily Mirror

Metal Hammer Reviews The High End Of Low

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The High End of Low #4 na Billboard 200

The High End Of Low je debitovao na 4.mestu bilbordove liste top 200 sa 49000 prodatih kopija u prvoj nedelji izlaska albuma.

Koncertom u Ceskoj Marilyn Manson zapoceo novu turneju

Marilyn Manson je prosle noci koncertom na Velodrom-u(Brno) u Cheshkoj krenuo na Evropsku turneju promovisuci novi album The High End Of Low.

Live band ima novog basistu Andy Gerold-a.Twiggy Ramirez je preuzeo gitaru.Ostatak sastava je isti kao sa predhodne turneje.Klavijature Chris Vrenna,bubnjevi Ginger Fish i vokal Marilyn Manson

Set List:

1 - Four Rusted Horses
2 - Pretty as a Swastika
3 - Leave a Scar
4 - Disposable Teens
5 - Irresponsible Hate Anthem
6 - Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon
7 - Great Big White World
8 - The Dope Show
9 - WOW
10 - Sweet Dreams/Rock 'n' Roll Nigger
11 - We're from America
12 - The Beautiful People

"We're From America" je prekinuta nakon 30 sekundi.

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The mad world of Marilyn Manson

"Do you want a fight? Do you want a fight with me?"

I met Marilyn Manson less than two minutes ago.

I am supposed to be interviewing the dark prince of rock, the grotesque goth who, as legend has it, is vampire, zombie and demon rolled into one.

And it's already the strangest interview ever. I expected him to be a bit weird - but not like this.

I also expected the shock rocker to be highly articulate. From other interviews I've watched, I know he can be the intelligent voice of a troubled generation.

But today, it's clear that Marilyn Manson is just troubled.

He is in a dingy radio studio at the BBC's Maida Vale complex, where he has just finished a shambolic radio session. Our interview is four hours late.

Next door, a BBC Radio 3 choir is singing Karol Szymanowski's Stabat Mater. I just hope he doesn't stumble into their studio by mistake.

Inside, wearing a plain black hoodie and his usual morbid pallor, he's in high spirits, joking with his band and the studio crew.

As we start, it becomes clear that he can't or doesn't want to give coherent answers, except for those that end with comments about sex, violence or preferably both.

His preoccupation is such that I have heavily edited his comments to cut out large chunks that are lurid, graphic and frankly disturbing.

I'm doing the interview with a colleague, Adrian from BBC 6 Music. Manson starts by ripping the foam cover off the end of Adrian's microphone, before being asked about his fans.

Marilyn Manson
That's what I do best, worst - me being Marilyn Manson, rock star, et cetera, that's what I do

"My fans? There's no fans because I was very hot in my room." Adrian tries again, to which Manson responds: "Ceiling fans or standalone?"

There is a glint in his eye. He's toying with us, but his comments are also unnervingly lewd and random.

He carries straight on. "Is that a cellphone?" he says looking at my recording device. It's clearly not a cellphone. "Can I call you?" He then makes the first offer of a fight, not delivered aggressively, but more as a polite, jovial invitation.

Adrian asks him about the Download festival, where Manson is playing this summer. "You said load. And down," Manson interrupts, as if they're the dirtiest words in the world.

I ask my first question, and try to change tack. Can he remember the first time that he performed musically? His weird different-sized eyeballs peer out from under his hood.

"The first time I performed musically I threw up."

When was that?

"Last night. But no, the first time, I had stage fright. I was afraid of the stages and frightening and The Frighteners, which was a bad movie with, what's his name, Michael J Fox.

"So I would say the last time I had… what was the question?"

Next, I try asking where he currently lives. The answer is rambling, peppered with rude words and references to sexual violence. He also starts making weird fluttery whistling noises half-way through.

Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson is currently on a European tour

The answer finishes with: "Et cetera and so forth and so on and wow and [more fluttering] I like to speak in those kind of terms."

It's getting curiouser and curiouser. So I ask about the film he's supposedly working on, in which he is playing Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll.

"I'm playing him always in life," he replies. "I wrote a script about him because I read his diaries and it was about aphasia to the sky, the sky, left, right, and that's me.

"So I almost quit music because I didn't want to do any more so I want to put it all into film. Right now I'm in love with film. But filming myself. And I'm playing Marilyn Manson."

What stage is the film at? Have you shot any of it?

"No, I shot at someone. But that was a firearm and it was not exactly legal. But I was exonerated from the crime."

I hope and pray that he's joking and plough on. After Adrian asks him about one of his heroes, Iggy Pop, I ask why he didn't quit music but decided to release a new album.

"It was me realising that that's what I do best," he says. "That's not always good, but that's what I do best, worst. Me being Marilyn Manson, rock star, et cetera, that's what I do."

So is the film ever going to… I don't have time to finish my question.

"You want a fight? A film?" he interjects.

The film, I affirm.

"The film," he repeats, before things degenerate again.

Manson manages to answer a question about Motley Crue a bit more coherently, then, thankfully, the interview is brought to a close in less than 10 minutes.

At the time, it was in parts surreal, awkward and amusing. In hindsight, it seems a bit more disturbing. Not scary though. Just sad.

Marilyn Manson's new album The High End of Low is out now.

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Marilyn Manson u magazinu TIME

Marilyn Manson is not exactly a conformist. From his music — a meat-grinder full of electronica, metal and gothic grotesquerie — to his personal traits (due to his nocturnal habits, he was only available to speak to TIME after midnight E.S.T.) he's managed to confound his critics or his fans alike. Is he the satanic pied piper of angst-ridden teen nihilists? Or a sly, self-promoting performance artist? Either way, he's long been a lightning-rod for controversy, only fueled by his sold-out tours and multiplatinum-selling albums. Now, after taking a yearlong absence from an industry he'd grown to loathe, Manson is back with his seventh album, The High End of Low. He talked to TIME about the economic crisis, the contents of his makeup bag and how living alone for the first time in his life has made him a better person. Or at least, a better Marilyn Manson.

Where have you been?
Well, I thought I was going to give up music. I wanted to put all my creative energy into painting and filmmaking. I felt smothered and controlled by not only my contract and record label, but just the way that you have to deal with being objectified as a product.

How does this new album fit into the evolution of Marilyn Manson?
Track two is called Pretty as a Swastika. It's something I said to a girl because of her complexion — with black hair, red lips and pale skin. I mean, it was a complex and poetic comment that soon led to intercourse, so I felt no reason for it to be seen as confusing, hateful and destructive. The record label [told me], take it off the album. Rather than do so, I decided to produce it on the inside of the sleeve with a different name, so it'll be sold in Wal-Mart or wherever stores sell guns but are afraid to deal with lyrics. So, I put Pretty as a ($) because all of their motivations are based on money.
How clever.
I'm not saying I'm doing this for nothing. But I've lost everything — I've lost friends, I've lost love. I've lost money. And this record is really about loss. The last album had a lot of romantic, Shakespearean ideals attached to the music, like "the world doesn't understand us, let's die together." Now? This record is more about: If you say you'll be with me until I die, and then you change your mind, you should run very fast. Because I'll kill you.

What is a typical day in the life of Marilyn Manson? Many would place their bets on your emerging from a bat-cave at dusk. What's the deal?
You picked a great day to ask me, because if you asked me what a typical day was on any other day, I think you'd find it to be completely made up. But I'll tell you. I just moved out of my house, so I'm staying at the Sunset Marquis Hotel — very famous for a lot of things. Including now the things I've done here.

Such as?
Well, last night I made a video for Pretty as a Swastika and it included my shaving the pubic hair of my special lady friend.

Does that fall in line with a perceived need to shock people? Honestly, is that a question that runs through your head? "How am I going to shock people?"
Yeah, I understand that it seems like I'm trying too hard. Everything I do and say and how I live my life is me being Marilyn Manson. I live my life like there's no tomorrow. That's the best way to have hope for the future. When you have nothing to lose, because you lost it all.

You think you've lost it all? That's so dramatic.
Well, I've been sued. And lost all my money. And then got it back. And I've lost love. I got married and then got divorced. That doesn't mean I can't have fun. I just want to be me. If I were in a room full of people, I'd rather be the person who is more interesting than the one who is wallpaper.

What is the message you stand for? Your place in the world?
When you asked what I've been doing for the past year — besides making this record, I was living alone for the first time since I've moved out of my parents' home as a teenager. During the course of writing this record, I did that. That transformation made me understand the importance of change — that I want to be a better person, a better version of me. That's not talking about ethics or morality. I just want to be the best me there is and not be ashamed of what I am.

Did you vote in the presidential election?
I did. And I'm very proud to say I did for the first time in my life.

And for whom, might I ask?
I voted for the President. Of course.

What do you make of the current economic situation? If at all, how do you see your image reflected in the crisis?
I address it directly on my album. And I've always done, in my live show, a fascist parody commentary on rock and roll — all the symbolism between capitalism and Nazism being so similar. I'm not a role model. I'm a role villain. And role villains need to f--- s--- up. And they have to take some bullets in the back and take some blame. That's the choice that I've made a long time ago.

I don't want to provoke any more self-loathing, but what do you most dislike about yourself?
I often obsess so much about things that I can't get done, that I ruin other things. I think at some point, some sort of scientist sent me out to space in a time machine and created some spectacular device to put inside my head and I just don't have the manual.

Will there ever be a Marilyn Manson, Jr.?
I think I'm still Marilyn Manson, Jr. Someday when I manage to finally figure out how to take care of myself, then I'll consider taking care of someone else.

What's your favorite item in your makeup bag?
Black eyeliner. It's standard. It's all you need. It just makes the world a better place.

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Marilyn Manson govori o 'Arma-Goddamn-Motherf*ckin-Geddon' video klipu

With a song titled 'Arma-Goddamn-Motherf*ckin-Geddon,' it would appear that the last thing controversial rocker Marilyn Manson is doing is placating his record company and a playing nicey-nice with a mainstream outlet like MTV. Despite the profanity-laden lyrics, Manson's longtime label Interscope chose the crunchy yet hooky tune as the lead video track. "The record company takes what I do and sells it, and I have to separate myself from it now," Manson, who hasn't gone soft, told Noisecreep. "I filmed this video with around 30 or 40 cameras, but what appears in the video is [footage from] only two cameras, and mostly from one main camera. But my idea was to film everything. I was pandering to the idea that a record company is going to release a song into the world that is titled 'Arma-Goddamn-F*ckin-Geddon.'"
Manson also claimed that the song, inspired by an instance where he was driving to the studio and witnessed a 'ruckus' with the police, has a very intentional "Adam Ant/Gary Glitter throwback vibe" in what the singer describes as a "new" way, thanks in no small part to his recent reunion with bassist/guitarist and friend Twiggy Ramirez. "Twiggy came up with what he referred to as a Spaghetti Western slide guitar part," Manson recalled. He also said, "With this video, I didn't want put heart and soul into it and have the pieces that mattered most to me be shaved away and censored. I specifically intended for it to fit within a category, with the colors and lyrics. I had 30 cameras filming, not in documentary sense, but in a [Federico] Fellini sense. I want to release the 30-camera angle version, too."

Manson also acknowledged the inherent comedy of the song, which contains a whole lot of 'f' bombs, which require censoring in exchange for airplay. "People say it'd be so great if it didn't have so many f*cks in it," Manson commented. "It would be great? Who says, 'I want less f*cks?' No one says that. No one is f*ckless."